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鈼哋perating data rate up to1.25gbps

鈼?850nm vcsel laser transmitter

鈼?550m with 50/125 渭m mmf, 300m on 62.5/125 渭m mmf

鈼哠ingle 3. 3v power supply and ttl logic interface

鈼?duplex lc connector interfac

鈼?hot pluggable

鈼?operating case temperature industrial:-0鈩儈 70鈩?/p>

鈼?compliant with msa sfp specification

鈼?digital diagnostic monitor interfacecompatible with sff-8472


鈼?gigabit ethernet

鈼?fiber channel

鈼?switch to switch interface

鈼?high speed i/o for file servers

product description

the 200e-xbr-000081 multi-mode transceiver is a small form factor pluggable module for bi-directional serial optical data communications such as gigabit ethernet 1000base-sx and fiber channel fc-ph-2 for 100-m5-sn-1 and 100-m6-sn-1. it is with the sfp 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability. this module is designed for multi-mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm. the transmitter section uses a vertical cavity surface emitted laser (vcsel) and is class 1 laser compliant according to international safety standard iec 60825. the receiver section uses an integrated gaas detector preamplifier (idp) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier ic. multi-source agreement (msa).

the 200e-xbr-000083 is designed to be compliant with sff-8472


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200e-xbr-000081 鍗氱 鍏煎妯″潡浠锋牸锛氬挩璇㈠鏈?/p>

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